Wellness tips: How you can be your own therapist?

Wellness tips: How you can be your own therapist?

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  1. Learn how to reduce rumination
  2. Understand system one and system two thinking
  3. Adopt good sleep habits
  4. Understand your signs of poor mental wellbeing
  5. Learn how to identify unhelpful thinking patterns
  6. Develop your problem solving and self0coaching skills
  7. Improve your social connections
  8. Practice mindfulness
  9. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet
  10. Learn techniques for dealing with overwhelming emotions such as cognitive defusion, cognitive distraction, and cognitive restructuring
  11. Practice self-compassion
  12. Use mood and anxiety trackers (Paper or digital trackers)
  13. Learn CBT, DBT, and ACT principles
  14. Set personal goals that inspire and excite you
  15. Learn Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
  16. Establish better work-life boundaries
  17. Begin positive emotions journaling
  18. Develop better time development skills
  19. Distance yourself from unhealthy people and relationships
  20. Learn how to identify and manage triggers
  21. Regularly spend time in nature
  22. Practice altruism
  23. Tune into and express your needs
  24. Develop a regular exercise habit
  25. Have regular detoxes
  26. Practice controlled breathing exercises
  27. Schedule regular mood and energy-boosting activities
  28. Reduce energy-draining habits
  29. Cultivate a regular meditation habit
  30. Reduce your use of addictive tools (i.e., alcohol, love, sex, overworking)
  31. Adopt effective relaxation habits
  32. Identify and challenge perfectionistic thinking
  33. Improve your assertiveness skills
  34. Invest in rest
  35. Be sure to use all of your holiday allowances
  36. Overcome avoidance and safety behaviors

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I.      Wellness tips: How to respond to crisis?

  • “Thank you” for telling me
  • Ask: What set this off?
  • Seek what they are trying to communicate
  • Check-in and invite criticism openly
  • Validate No wonder you feel…
  • Show concern: Don’t force yourself to not react
  • Take a long or short break: Go for a walk by the ocean or make a tasty snack
  • Self-examine and be radically open to own experiences
  • Show your care with emotional appeal, and please stay

II.   Wellness tips: Way to validate yourself:

  • It’s very normal to feel this way and sometimes just natural to feel down
  • My feelings are valid
  • I’m proud of myself
  • This is sometimes very hard. What do I need to do to cope with all of this or feel calmer or better about the situation?
  • It’s okay to cry
  • I’m making progress
  • I gave it my best effort
  • I am worthy
  • Good job!
  • I am more than my accomplishments or failures
  • My value or self-worth isn’t based on what other people think of me or what are other people’s opinions of me
  • Everyone makes mistakes
  • My feelings matter, and I will listen to what they are telling me
  • I trust my instincts
  • Not everyone likes me, and it is okay
  • I like myself
  • I like — about myself

Note- Fill the blank space with your choice of word.

III. Wellness tips: Self-care tips for improving mental health

  • Take a long relaxing bath with some scented candles and bath salts
  • Get creative, write down some aspirations, career goals, and create a vision board
  • Listen to your favorite music or audiobook
  • Have a self-pamper evening, you can also invite your close friends
  • Practice you and breathing exercises regularly
  • Make fruits infused water and aim for 2-5 liters a day
  • Make a nice herbal tea or chamomile tea
  • Treat yourself to a tasty hot chocolate once in a while
  • Have a deep conversation with your family members

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