Things to Remember on Bad Days

Things to Remember on Bad Days

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Your mistakes don’t define you, not everything you think is true and you are more than other people’s opinion. Remember, Bad Days are part of life like good days are. No one is posting their failures, so you are not alone.  

Remember, it’s okay to have bad days or even weeks where the only thing you do is barely surviving. Sometimes mental illness can be terrifying because when one feels like they’ve lost control of their mind and world, and nothing makes sense in their life, it’s a lot to digest and accept. It’s usually defined as watching yourself on autopilot mode and having little to no control over anything that is happening.

But remember, you are worthy. You don’t have to be perfect, and having a bad day is okay. Small steps are also a sign of progress. Asking for help on bad days is also a strength. Some people love you and appreciate you, more than you could ever imagine.

So relax and let go, also don’t forget to give yourself some credit. 

Try to let go of bad days, and of what is out and beyond your control:

  • What other people believe
  • Other’s opinion
  • Aging
  • Time
  • Other people’s feelings
  • Other people’s time
  • Bills
  • What other people post online and how they live
  • The weather
  • Traffic
  • What people think and say
  • Others actions
  • Other people’s perception of things

Focus on what is in your control:

  • What I say
  • What I look at online
  • My boundaries
  • My opinions
  • My thoughts
  • Who I hang out with
  • What I eat
  • My self-care
  • My actions and reactions
  • What I do
  • My words
  • My self

Note: The very first and basic rule of Mental Health and wellness is to learn to distinguish between individuals: as in who deserves an explanation, who deserves only one answer from your end, and who deserves absolutely nothing from your side.

How to make your mind feel better on Bad Days?

  1. Take some deep breaths
  2. Write your thoughts journey
  3. Go for a walk in nature
  4. Try a guided meditation
  5. Listen to relaxing music or binaural beats
  6. Cook yourself a healthy meal

What are some common energy-draining habits?

  1. Over-stressing
  2. Sleeping in late
  3. Holding on to the past
  4. Poor diet
  5. Trying to please everyone
  6. Taking things personally
  7. Complaining all the time
  8. Overthinking
  9. Gossiping

How can you motivate yourself on Bad Days or when you’re feeling anxious or depressed?

  • Don’t push away your emotions
  • Talks to someone who understands you
  • Take baby steps, and be proud of them
  • Try to focus on a single goal/task at a given point in time
  • Set aside the same time daily to do things
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Don’t overthink what you need to do and just do it

How to get better at taking criticism on Bad Days or in General?

  • Stop your mind from spiraling into “everything I do is wrong” and focus only on the specific feedback.
  • Get rid of “should” thinking. You “should” have thought of that. You “should’ve” known better or done better. It’s okay not to be perfect.
  • Lean into it. Do your best to listen to the advice and ask follow-up questions and examples.
  • Practice by asking for feedback. “What could I do better?” or “where can I improve?”
  • Give yourself room to be upset. It’s completely normal. BUT it’s also very important and the right thing to do, that you don’t take those negative feelings and thoughts out on the other important individuals in your life.
  • Invest in relationships, deep and genuine relationships are the key to happiness in life.
  • Make sure to remember that constructive criticism is only meant to be honest feedback and is only helpful, not hurtful. So look at it this way, think of it as an act of kindness that is coming from a heartfelt place or a person like your close friends and family.


Let go, sleep on it, and accept the things you can’t control, and focus your energy on things that you can.

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