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BEaYOUtilicious is designed to support and ease anxious thoughts. So don’t suffer in silence and seek help for mental health problems.

You can reach out to your local helplines, or you can consult a professional therapist or psychiatrist who can help and consult you accordingly.

So make sure to talk to experts and get the care you need and deserve.

How can we help?

In a fast-paced world full of rapid changes, we can’t keep thinking the same old-fashioned way about Mental Health. When we’re laser-focused on something or productivity and achieving new milestones in our professional life/career, it can be easy to brush aside the signs, internal feelings, and emotions of stress and unhappiness.

But OUR MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS. And avoiding it can lead do you more harm than good in the long run. This is why “Silence is Violence”. On this platform, join us, as we share practical techniques for alleviating anxiety, stress, and other common mental health issues.

We will also be discussing:

  • What causes worry, and how can you reduce its effects?
  • How to avoid burnout?
  • How to increase your overall happiness and feel gratitude to battle constant negative thoughts, emotions, and more?

And as you continue your journey with us, you will be ready to take steps towards feeling happier and healthier.

Here’s how you can quickly calm yourself:

Begin by taking a comfortable position, hold your back nice and tall, taking a posture that allows the breath to flow easily without constriction. Rest your hands effortlessly in your lap and when you are ready, close your eyes.

Continuous worrying and anxiety affect all of us especially during these fast-paced times, and also in times of pressure. Tens of millions of people suffer from anxiety it’s one of the most common mental health issues in the world.

So if you experience it, just remember and know that you are not alone in this. Anxiety can make people feel anxious, nervous, tense, and even overwhelmed. It woke emotions such as worry addiction and distress. It’s felt in the mind as well as in the body. Persuading to such physical sensations as sweating, dizziness, and muscle tension.

Some people experience body pain, racing hearts, and sleep disturbances. It manifests in many ways. Anxiety is caused by our biology, our views, coping mechanisms, and stress. It’s often a response to future concerns. But people don’t have to have an awareness of the exact cause to experience it.

One’s mind can become stressed and anxious even without an identifiable fear. Fortunately, Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation’s continuous practices are extremely effective in elevating anxiety.

And on BEaYOUtilicious, we will explore the value of getting present and learn how to respond to anxiety more healthily. We will learn ways to soften our reactivity and practice techniques like noting, and pausing.

We on BEaYOUtilicious will also explore the features and nature of change and, how to embrace anxiety rather than run from it.

Note: You can also refer to this in-depth mindfulness meditation guide to calm yourself.

(Read Here: Mindfulness Practices for Beginners)

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