How to Practice Mindfulness?

How to Practice Mindfulness?

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I.      Mindfulness tips for beginners

1. Meditate:

Meditation means taking the time to be quiet, silent, mindful, and relaxed. Meditation helps one become more mindful about what’s happening within and around you. To get the best outcomes, meditate for about 10-20minutes every day.

2. Spend time in nature:

If you have access to your garden or a public area where there is a lot of greenery, then take some time every day to sit outside with a good book and a cup of tea, no internet or phones allowed.

3. Listen mindfully to others:

Often when speaking to others we’re consumed with our thoughts. So, try to be a good listener, and try giving your whole, undivided attention when talking to another person. Pay attention and genuinely show interest.

4. Practice Gratitude:

Focusing on the god in your life and deep within yourself will bring about more joy into your life. By practicing gratitude, you will begin to look at the world from a different perspective. You’ll also feel more grateful and blessed with each passing day.

5. Stay Present at the moment without any judgments:

Bring your attention to what’s happening within and around you, genuinely pay attention and remain calm. Shift your attention and focus back to being present in the moment and your deep thoughts and emotions right now without being judgmental.

6. Read more:

Before you go to bed or sleep at night, read for about 30 minutes or maybe more as per convenience. Encourage better sleep habits and mental wellness habits.

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II.   Mindfulness tips for feeling better on a bad mental health day

Follow the below-mentioned mindfulness tips to add to your bad day toolkit to thrive and survive.

1. Self-soothing:

Stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eyes and say to yourself the things you’d want to hear if someone was comforting you.

2. Encouraging Quotes:

Prepare and make yourself a selected and uplifted collection of encouraging quotes and sayings that can pull you out for fun on a bad day.

3. Escape into another world:

Have a collection of books/audiobooks, movies, or TV Shows, ready that you can successfully use as an escape for the day.

4. Meditation/Relaxing Music:

Have a YouTube playlist of meditations or music ready that will help soothe you and lift your spirits.

5. Encouraging Videos:

Create a playlist of encouraging TED talks, YouTube motivational videos, etc.

III. Mindfulness Mental Health Task List

1. Monday:

Focus- Motivation (Set a goal, write it down, plan your first steps accordingly)

2. Tuesday:

Focus- Self-care (Take a relaxing bath, meditate, get a pedicure)

3. Wednesday:

Focus- Complete Digital Detox for a day (Take the day and night off from screen time, no internet or phones or laptops are allowed)

4. Thursday:

Focus- Organize/Purge (Tackle the junk drawer, purge old emails)

5. Friday:

Focus- Energizing (Get some sunshine, also some fresh air, hang with family and close friends)

6. Saturday:

Focus- Overall wellbeing/Health (Proper Meal plan, Regular Exercise Routine, drink green/herbal tea)

7. Sunday:

Focus- Gratitude (Use a journal to document highs and positives from the week)

IV.   Mindfulness tips: How to restore mindfully?

1. Focus on your senses for a few minutes/day:

There’s seems to be a strong correlation between one’s uplifted/ positive mood and breath countings.

2. Spend some time outside in the sunshine:

Studies on “Forest bathing” show it decreases levels of one’s anxiety and stress.

3. Take more baths:

Being horizontal in water mimics the womb conditions and improves mood and optimism.

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  3. Don’t be too judgmental with yourself and your practice. If you’ve got some problems, check Julia Hanner’s book (net-boss org/mindfulness-by-julia-hanner). As long as you sit and try to pay attention to your breath for your allotted practice time, that’s all that matters.

    1. Hey, thank you so much for the book recommendation, it’s a great read for beginners. And I couldn’t agree more, there is no need to be judgemental, all we have to do is practice continuously while paying attention to small details.

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