How to Build Self-Esteem?

How to Build Self-Esteem?

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Self-esteem is often described as the sum of one’s thoughts and feelings about who one genuinely is. Treating yourself with love, care, and having respect for yourself is usually the very first and vital step towards one’s overall well-being.

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Here’s what you can do to build self-esteem:

1. Reflect, celebrate:

Make it a daily routine or a habit to replay happy memories and times, celebrate all the big and small achievements, and truly reflect on all that is going well and as per your plan currently in your life.

2. Encouraging Self-Talk:

Would you lovingly encourage a close friend or some another the way you speak to yourself or treat yourself in your head? No, right? Then why not consider changing your tone or style to be more supportive and encouraging towards yourself in real life or in your head as well, try positive and encouraging self-talk.

It’s a practice and should be practiced as a continuous habit, so you will be needing some time. But don’t give up on it, because it makes things easier for you and your family when the world gets a bit dark.

3. Set Goals, and Follow-through:

Don’t hold back on your dreams and goals if they really mean or matter to you. It’s a proven fact, that one’s self-Esteem skyrockets when you complete what you say you’re going to do and give yourself your best, and cut yourself some slack. Always try your best, don’t give up that easily on things and people as well.

Remember, good things take time.

4. Be Prepared:

Develop a mindful and healthy process of dealing with unhelpful and negative emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Know, pay attention and understand what helps you and what doesn’t. For instance: Maybe writing it out on a piece of paper would help you relax, for some, it’s exercising, some relax by talking it out, or speaking back to the inner critic, or maybe it’s changing the “station”.

Whatever works for you, try that, be prepared for what you are about to witness, and mindfully handle the situation without any judgment.

5. Be More Mindful:

Become aware of your habitual negative patterned thoughts, emotions, and feeling about yourself. They are not facts, because everything that your mind says, isn’t true. You can question and replace perfectionism and other limiting beliefs by calming down and paying attention to your thought pattern mindfully. Remember, you are a friend here, who is here to support, not to judge or to the critic.

6. Find your individualistic flow:

Flow is a place to truly re-energize and re-inspire yourself; to completely immerse yourself in deep pleasure and ease by doing something that often challenges and encourages you more positively. Giving you comfort and pleasures.

Know what takes you in that state of mind and dive into the flow regularly. To find the right track or tune in your life or to follow your life’s joys; the things you genuinely love to do; explore your hidden talents.

7. Focus on Experiences:

Prioritize on positive experiences, learning new things/skills, good ideas, and intelligence over physical appearance. They tend to offer deeper and more lasting pleasures in the long run.

8. Keep Good Company:

They’re a very famous saying called: Before you diagnose yourself or anyone else as having depression or low self-esteem, check you’re or they’re not just surrounded by idiots or a***holes.

Although it’s a just joke, there’s something quite psychologically realistic and sound in that! So choose wisely, and make sure to be around people who aren’t afraid to give compliments when you deserve them, who are kind, who are generous, who genuinely love, and who get loved in return.

9. Act with Consistency:

Want to start practicing mindfulness? Or exercising? Maybe meditating or eating mindfully? Then Decide. Do it. Don’t just think about it. LEARN HOW TO DO IT AND JUST DO IT! Always keep choosing to do it even if you keep on failing. Remember, consistency is a massive part of success and repetition is the key.

10.   Go all-in:

You either Succeed or fall, you either try to learn for yourself or you just read books, whatever you choose to do, it’s your choice.  But remember, going all-in or failing often gives you first-hand experiences, and experience gives you confidence and grows one’s self-esteem and self-respect to use your abilities and courage rather than hold back or hide from challenges and failures.

11.   Help Somebody:

A great thing to do if you’re feeling mindless, or negative, or low, or down on yourself- is to help somebody else who is in need. So, don’t overthink YOU. Get out and give yourself a chance to help someone.

12.   Learn to be alone and accept and appreciate solitude:

Relationships are very important but so is having some alone time. Learn to use and value alone time, allow your mind and thoughts to go wild. Listen and pay attention to them without any judgment. Find your flow and follow the joy of life with interests and true passions.

Five Mental Health Check-In Questions

Ques #1: How am I feeling today? (Mentally, emotionally, and physically)

Ques #2: What’s the thought or what in general is taking up most of my headspace?

Ques #3: When did I last eat a healthy and mindful meal?

Ques #4: Am I tired? Is it emotional or physical?

Ques #5: What will I mindfully engage in today that will bring happiness and joy to me?

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Twelve tips for improving your self-esteem:

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