How meditation can strengthen all romantic relationships?

How meditation can strengthen all romantic relationships?

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Meditation is the internal art and science of tuning in to our inherent inner mighty cosmic power, to develop and harness the capabilities of the soul, mind, and brain, to bring about physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and wellbeing, in a unified and holistic manner, for impeccable happiness and fulfillment. The concept of meditation is based on the truth that humans are inherently endowed with spiritual resources contained in the inner chambers of our being.

These inner resources mobilize and steer all activities people carry out in their daily lives. Therefore, meditation is the act of withdrawing attention from all external objects, and tuning in to your internal spiritual resources, thereby exploring, harnessing, and directing these resources towards achieving physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual health, while also transforming every other aspect of your life; including, work and career, romantic relationships, family, finance, academic performance, self-esteem, and happiness.

Meditation can also help develop wisdom, intuition, courage, discipline, and determination, all of which are vital in helping you pursue and accomplish your physical duties and obligations, with tremendous effectiveness and efficiency. Meditation offers us the opportunity to deliberately connect with the wider cosmic consciousness, thereby broadening our perspectives and deepening our awareness and understanding. This in turn improves the way we think and act, thus redefining our principles, intentions, priorities, and purpose.

With meditation, you will capture the deepest truths of the universe, and appreciate why things happen the way they do. When the culture of meditation becomes firmly ingrained in your consciousness, you will be empowered to always do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons. This is because meditation puts you in tune with the layer of your being that is the source of your wisdom and virtues. Harmonizing your deeds with this source of wisdom would spare you so many mistakes, and prevent you from inflicting unintended suffering upon yourself and others. Therefore, meditation is the great science of self-discovery, self-exploration, self-transformation, and self-empowerment. 

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Meditation can strengthen all romantic relationships, let’s discuss how?

Statistics reveal that approximately 39% of all marriages in the world, end up in divorce. According to recent divorce statistics, 42% of marriages end up in divorce. Even marriages that survive divorce, do not yield a high level of satisfaction.  

According to Institute for Family Studies, the primary causes of divorce include infidelity and extramarital affairs, incompatibility, alcoholism, drug use, lack of commitment, too much conflict or arguments, financial problems, physical, verbal and emotional abuse.

The bottom line for marital or relationship fruitfulness is that it takes two to tango. For the marriage or relationship to be in a consistent state of good health, both parties must exercise significant effort and goodwill, in contributing to the health of the relationship. Only one person can’t contribute to the health of a relationship. Marriage is a situation whereby two persons who are not 100% identical, decide to live a unified life.

Thus, it is inevitable that there would be some differences between their personalities and perspectives on various matters about life and living. However, if the love between the two parties is sincere and strong, then any minor differences can be overcome.

A close examination of the factors that precipitate divorce reveals that a majority of these activators of divorce are related to the behavior of one or both parties. This implies that the right behavior is necessary for marital or romantic fruitfulness. Thus, any activity that can help couples develop the right marital behavior, can be viewed as a catalyst for fruitful marital outcomes. That is where meditation plays a crucial role, in helping to foster happy romantic outcomes and fruitful marriages.

Deep meditation would enable the couple to get in touch with the deepest layers of awareness or consciousness within themselves. With this increase in consciousness, they will become cognizant of the fact that their partner is not just their object of affection, but a soul that is going through a physical experience.

Since both partners are souls going through a physical experience together, they would start attributing high value to the ultimate purpose of life; which is, to achieve spiritual growth. The partners would then see themselves as two souls supporting each other in their spiritual evolution. This shift in perspective will strengthen and deepen the relationship.

Through deep mindfulness meditation and mental clarity, the partners would realize the absolute necessity for self-love. Indeed, it is because you love yourself that your life matters to you. It is because you love yourself that you exert every effort to protect and sustain your life. Since you cannot hurt what you love, the partners would find it necessary to stop self-abusive habits, such as alcoholism, the use of drugs, and indulgence in hostile emotions like anger.

Heightened awareness of self-love would also ensure that this love is extended to one’s partner. This would eliminate the sense of lack of commitment that one of the partners might be manifesting in the relationship. With deepened love and redefined perspectives comes compassion, kindness, mutual respect, and understanding.

Meditation techniques such as loving-kindness meditation, can eliminate any tendencies of hostility between couples, and replace them with mutual sympathy and compassion. Meditation would also make it possible for both partners to become more disciplined, humble, and tolerant.

Love and compassion for one another, coupled with humility and tolerance, will eliminate arguments, physical, verbal and emotional abuse. It will also ensure that the couple’s love for one another, is wholehearted and deep, and not half-hearted and shallow.

Even if the couple is facing financial hardship, they can utilize their meditation-induced newfound calmness and clarity, to formulate a strategy on how to generate an honest income. The couple would realize that hurting the person closest to you in any way, generates bad karma for the hurting party. Hurting someone who loves and has trust in you, generates massive bad karma for the culprit. Through reflection, cooperation, and mutual support, any misunderstanding can be addressed with maturity, goodwill, and sensitivity.  

Couples should also learn to forgive each other. Even if you divorce and get married to someone else, if you do not approach the marriage with sincere intentions and deliberate goodwill, then it would only be a matter of time before you divorce again. Couples meditating together can deepen and solidify the emotional, mental and spiritual connection between them.


Meditation is an absolute necessity for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and wellbeing. It is an essential component of overall satisfactory life. Meditation has everything to offer and nothing to take from you. Investing in meditation is one of the best entrepreneurial decisions you would ever make. It requires very little resources and generates an exponential lifetime return.

This single investment will abundantly reward and enrich all aspects of your life, including finances, work, career, education, relationships, family, health, and holistic happiness.

If you have not yet learned how to meditate up to now, then all along, you have been denying yourself the opportunity of a formidably enriched and empowered life. Now that you are aware of the transformational miracles of meditation, it is time to embrace and celebrate the immensity of its unraveled benevolence. Happy meditation!

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