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In this guided meditation article, we will enjoy a guided imagery meditation that focuses on self-love.

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A Guided Meditation for Healing

Guided Meditation Step #1:

Sit comfortably in a quiet place and allow yourself to notice your breathing. Slowly inhale for a count of four, hold your breath for a count of four, and exhale for a count of four.

Guided Meditation Step #2:

Repeat several times, pausing in between, and allow your body to become more settled. Feel free to shift your sitting position to get more comfortable.

Guided Meditation Step #3:

Now picture a color that you find calming and soothing.   Imagine inhaling this color through your nose as a mist. Let this colored mist swirl throughout your body, starting with your head.

Guided Meditation Step #4:

Allow the mist to work down your chest and throughout your core. Let the mist trickle down your limbs to your fingers and toes. Allow the colored mist to resonate and vibrate throughout each little part of your body, bathing you in a healing and loving light.

Guided Meditation Step #5:

Picture this mist swirling around and centering at your heart as it becomes more concentrated in color. Feel the warmth and allow this mist to envelop you in self-love and healing. Notice now how this feels to you.

Guided Meditation Step #6:

Continue this breathing for a few minutes or for as long as you wish.

A few things to consider before getting starting with the journey of Self-love and Healing:

Part of loving yourself is getting to know what you like and do not like. Let’s make a list of your current favorite things:

Favorite sweet treat:  ———————————————————

Favorite drink:  —————————————————————–

Favorite sport:  —————————————————————–

Favorite place to be: ———————————————————

Favorite person: ————————————————————–

Favorite hobby:  —————————————————————

Favorite time of day: ———————————————————

Favorite salty snack:  ———————————————————

Favorite book:   ——————————————————————

Favorite movie or TV show:   ————————————————-

Sticky Note Reminders

For this quick and easy practice tip, you will need five sticky notes and your favorite pen or marker. Write down five quick, straightforward messages that can help remind you of your worth and prompt you to practice self-love. Here are some ideas if you need help:

  • I am worthy of love and belonging.
  • I am learning to love myself every day.
  • Self-love is a journey. I’m ready to start now!
  • I can learn self-love by paying attention to what I think is important.
  • My feelings and thoughts matter.

Put these notes on your mirror, in a notebook, or any place you will see them whenever you need a reminder of your self-worth.


By now, I’m sure you realize self-love takes time and effort. But with that work comes the potential for incredible life changes. As you complete the exercises in the article, you will gain a better understanding of what self-love means and in which areas you could grow more.  

Part of practicing self-love involves appreciation and gratitude.  As we begin the next section, try telling yourself how proud you are of yourself for starting this self-love journey and workbook. By doing this, you can launch into the next chapter on self-compassion with a positive mindset.

I wholeheartedly love myself, flaws and all.

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