29 Positive Affirmations for Women

29 Positive Affirmations for Women

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This article explores positive affirmations for women who believe in love, themselves and are go-getters.

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29 Positive Affirmations for Women

Affirmations for Women #1: I’m not crazy for wanting what this generation no longer values.

I want a home, not just a house. I want a family, not just kids. And, I want marriage, not just a boyfriend. Everything I want is also being yearned for by a man designated for me, and even if it takes time for us to get to that point, we will one day have exactly what our hearts desire.

Affirmations for Women #2: I forgive those who’ve done me wrong, but I won’t forget what they’ve done.

No, I didn’t get the apology I deserve, but I will give myself the peace of mind I’m long overdue. I can’t change their hearts and make them pure, but I can protect my own from the inside out and prevent what they’ve done to me from making me bitter while remembering what they did so I’ll never again be so naive. I will not carry the burden of hatred nor will I seek revenge, but I will build more meaningful and long-lasting relationships in the future based on what I’ve learned the painful way, and I will be happier as a result.

Affirmations for Women #3: Pain is temporary. Happiness is on the way.

I will not let myself define my life by this moment, no matter how easy it may be to do so. I will look forward to tomorrow and realize it’s another chance to get it right despite how many times I’ve gotten it wrong. And, I was built for this journey, and even though it may get difficult, I know the destination will be well worth the ride.

Affirmations for Women #4: I hold my head high because that’s where my standards are.

I’ve worked too hard, held on too long, kept my faith too strong, and overcome too much to walk around with my head down. Out of admiration for myself, I will walk around today and every day like the champion I am. I will pull my shoulders back, keep my chin up, and smile even if it’s difficult to because many have sacrificed for my opportunity to do so and I’ve been through much worse. It didn’t break me then; I won’t let it break me now.

Affirmations for Women #5: If he wants me, he will have to earn me.

I will not be an easy handout. I will not offer myself at no cost or come without condition. And, I will be worth every penny I charge, every bit of time I ask for, and every level of effort I require to a man who’s looking for a woman to settle down with. And, I will set the bar for him just as high as the one I have set and met for myself. I am sure of who I am, and if I am to be his, he will have to show and prove to me why before he’s given that privilege every single day.

Affirmations for Women #6: I deserve to be spoiled.

For all that I’ve sacrificed and for the time I’ve waited patiently for the things I’ve longed for, I deserve to experience an abundance of my heart’s desires. Not just materialistically, but I deserve to be spoiled with love, time, consideration, creativity, and more. I deserve to have a man who will not stop at the bare minimum when it comes to loving me. I deserve one who looks after me and knows how to allow me to have his back as well. While I’m still preparing, I’m currently deserving of being spoiled to the fullest extent, and I will not be convinced otherwise.

Affirmations for Women #7: My body is beautiful, but I am so much more.

I don’t have to distance myself from my flesh to know that it does not define me one way or the other. Whether society unanimously agrees that I meet their superficial standard or misses the gift that is my beauty because it doesn’t come wrapped in the package they determined was the standard, I am so much more than my body. I am the thoughts that come out of nowhere in the middle of the day, the empathy I have for the less fortunate, the fight I have for the defenseless, the care I extend for my loved ones, and the perseverance I use to keep obstacles from stopping me. My body is only half the story; my other half is just as amazing.

Affirmations for Women #8: I will attract a man who will desire me and only me.

With all of the beautiful women this world has to offer, I’m set apart in ways my soul mate will need no convincing of. He will show that he recognizes this, not only in his actions but in the changes that take place within him for my best interests. I will not have to question who his love or lust belongs because it will be blatantly obvious on a daily basis in the way he treats and respects me.

Affirmations for Women #9: No matter how deserving the retaliation, I will reserve my energy.

I will treat my energy like the temple it is, letting nothing destructive in and applying it outwardly in the same regard. I will not allow room in my heart for hate or anything that resembles it. And, I will speak life into those with space for it and pray for those who don’t. But I will not invest myself into fruitless battles that don’t help me win the war of being a better woman. I will only give my energy to things and people who give me growth in return.

Affirmations for Women #10: I was built to handle everything thrown my way.

Nobody said the weapon wouldn’t be formed. No one told me the road would be easy. So I will not fix mine to expect what is easy, but rather remember that even when it’s not, I will be just fine. I was not designed to come here and crumble. I was designed to come here and conquer so that is exactly what I will do.

Affirmations for Women #11: I do not fear real love.

I know the possibility of being fooled again. I know the chances that it will all add up to nothing but wasted time and memories that last longer than the relationship. But, I refuse to allow that to stop me from going forward, giving myself another chance to be loved, correctly this time. Not all men are bad, and the right one will find me if I keep myself in a position to be found. That position is nowhere near fear, therefore, fear will not be tolerated.

Affirmations for Women #12: My thoughts and feelings are valuable.

I know that what I have to say matters, and I recognize my potential to change a person’s day, if not life, with just a few simple words. Whether I’m in a good mood or not, my feelings at any moment are valid. It doesn’t matter how many or who sees value in them, they are significant and deserve to be respected. I will continue to surround myself with those who feel the same.

Affirmations for Women #13: I accept the possibility that someone better than I ever knew existed.

I will be the restoration of my future husband’s hope in real love, and he will be mine. I will be proof to my future husband that amazing women exist, and he will be mine that great men also exist. Even if I don’t see it coming, I will be open to new beginnings with someone better instead of holding on to a past for which I only settled.

Affirmations for Women #14: I will focus on myself for as long as I need to before focusing on someone else.

If it’s time I need, I’ll allow myself that. If it’s being in complete silence daily that I want, I will allow myself that as well. And, if it’s traveling, splurging, or just enjoying time not being responsible for another heart that I’m longing for, I will give that to myself. I deserve a moment to focus on myself until I decide it’s time to let someone else focus on me for a change.

Affirmations for Women #15: I will have a husband who won’t stop until I’m the happiest woman on Earth.

My future husband will pour his love into me until I runneth over. I won’t have to beg him to try or listen to excuses of why he doesn’t. I will consistently find myself thanking God for blessing me with a man with such a kind heart, full of love that belongs to me.

Affirmations for Women #16: I will recognize when my time is being wasted, and stop it immediately.

My time will be allotted for those who value it, not for those who squander it. Conversations that lead nowhere, gossip, or negativity will be rewarded with my precious time. Accepting excuses that repeat themselves will not be tolerated. I will surround myself with constructive influences that leave me feeling renewed, not used.

Affirmations for Women #17: I am rich in happiness.

I do not need wealth to be happy. I will create it now so that it doesn’t sway depending on financial circumstances one way or the other. I’ll appreciate those things that matter most while I still have them and look in the mirror at what God has created when I’m in need of happiness. I won’t look at my bank account. There is an abundance of things to be happy about whether it’s things I have or things I’ve been kept away from. Happiness is all around me.

Affirmations for Women #18: My standards are not too high.

I will not listen to small minds tell me that I’m thinking unrealistically for wanting a love that’s well within the capacity of a good man. I look forward to spending the rest of my life mentally and physically stimulated, physically and financially supported, while growing personally with a man who is doing the same.

Affirmations for Women #19: I will have a man who supports my dreams.

I will get up every day excited about my dreams to see he’s just as excited for me. I will work hard day in and day out, and he will wait patiently to hear me vent about it. And, I will stay up late at night, and he will wake up to ask me if there’s anything I need. I will be nervous when it’s time to put my work on display, and he will be my biggest cheerleader to help me feel confident again. And, I will have a man who’s supportive of my dreams as he works towards his own.

Affirmations for Women #20: I am a better judge of character than I’ve ever been.

I’ve made many errors in my discernment before, and it’s only grown me into the best judge of character I’ve ever been. The snakes will not survive around me and the leeches will be revealed quicker than ever before. I will not invest years trying to change someone who doesn’t want to be changed but rather cut my ties so I can be found by a man who’s ready to love right now. I will see him, recognize him, and reciprocate his love.

Affirmations for Women #21: I deserve the very best a man has to offer.

Despite what he may have been through, my soul mate will love me with a renewed heart and a clean slate. He will come with his emotional scars the way I will, but will have also healed enough to be healthy for a relationship the way I have also. He will give me his love to me freely and abundantly. We will be an example of how to love after having love lost before. We’ll be grateful we didn’t give up on finding each other.

Affirmations for Women #22: I forgive myself.

I forgive myself for hurting others and myself. I forgive myself for falling for potential instead of reality. And, I forgive myself for losing myself in their lust and wishing it would turn into love. I forgive myself for tolerating their lies and false promises when deep down, I knew it wasn’t true. And, I forgive myself for seeing the best in them when they only gave me the worst they had to offer. I forgive myself for giving them multiple chances they didn’t deserve. I forgive myself for taking them back when they brought nothing new. And, I forgive myself for looking like a fool. I forgive myself because I have grown and learned from that time in my life and I’m ready to move forward unapologetically.

Affirmations for Women #23: I am a blessing to all who come in contact with me.

My energy is radiant like the sun, and my smile shines even brighter. My words provide comfort to those who’ve been torn down by the messages of society. I am a place of peace for those experiencing turmoil, and I provide clarity to those who can’t seem to see clearly through their circumstances. I am valuable. Those who come in contact with me are better people as a result of it.

Affirmations for Women #24: I am easy to love despite those who haven’t.

I give everyone multiple reasons to both love and like me as a person. My personality is not for everybody, but my love is until they prove otherwise. I may be misunderstood, but there is beauty in my complexity that the right man will appreciate me even more. He will love me effortlessly while showing it with effort every single day the way I do for myself.

Affirmations for Women #25: I am worth more than just sex.

Whether I have accepted the condition in the past or not, I am worth much more than sex. I am someone to learn from and laugh with. I’m loyal. I’m growing into a better version of myself daily, and I’m able to accept correction when I’m wrong, so long as it comes from a place of love. And, I’m able to correct those around me from a place of love so that they make better decisions. Also, I’m intelligent. I can endure much more than anyone can possibly throw at me. I have enough love for myself, my future husband, and our children. He will get to know me and realize that sex with me would be great, but a life with me will be a real blessing.

Affirmations for Women #26: My worth is not determined by anyone’s inability to see it.

I tried to measure myself by those equipped with broken measuring sticks in the past, but never again. I will measure myself from now on and anyone who intends to love me can only do so if they come to the same conclusion I have, that I’m worth more than any diamond or precious metal known to man. And, I am wonderfully made just the way I was intended. Inside and out, I am beautiful. I will not let anyone tell me otherwise, nor will I entertain anyone who tries to. I know the truth, and those who are lucky enough to stay in my life will know and show it too.

Affirmations for Women #27: I will not judge myself by my perception of others.

Things, as I see them, are not always as they appear, so I will not let delusions be the standard to which I hold myself. I will not be unrealistic in my expectations of myself, nor will I expend valuable time and energy looking to see what others are doing when my own life warrants as much of me as possible. And, I am on my own path, and though I may want similar destinations to others, the time it’ll take for me to get there and the directions I have to go will be different. I accept and embrace that as the truth, and I am grateful for it.

Affirmations for Women #28: I will love the man who is for me, but I will not lose myself in the effort to do so.

I love myself because I’m worthy of it. I’m waiting for my future husband because what we will have together will be worthy of the time it takes to get to it. I am finding myself now so that there is no chance of me losing myself later in loving someone else. I have confidence in who I am and faith that my future husband will not require me to lessen myself in pursuit of him but will build me up as we pursue each other. We will not attempt to compensate for missing pieces of each other, but rather add to each other instead.

Affirmations for Women #29: I don’t ask for much, but I deserve the best.

I may not make many requests, but those I do make are significant and meaningful. I’m deserving of the desires of my heart, and if they are true for me, I will receive them. I have experienced the feeling of asking for too much, but I now know the problem was not with how much I was asking, but rather who I was asking for it from. For the man who will one day earn me, I will give him so much, he’ll gladly give me all of him in return, and it will include everything I’ve ever wanted. Even without me verbalizing my needs, he will see to them consistently and work tirelessly for those he can’t satisfy at the moment. He will not give me what’s left of him, but rather the best of him because he will realize that I’m worth it the same way I have.


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